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When can I have something to drink?

The gauze has to stay in place for one hour. Once the gauze is removed you can eat and drink what you like as long as it is soft and beverages are NOT piping hot. Hot beverages can dissolve the blood clot and make the surgical site(s) bleed. Room temp or warm is fine.

When can I brush my teeth?

Do not brush teeth or rinse your mouth the same day as the surgery. We want to give adequate time for a blood clot to form in the socket. You may resume your normal oral hygiene regimen with the exemption of mouthwashes and water picks starting the following morning.

Do I have to come back for a follow-up?

Doctor Harris always likes to see his patients for a follow-up visit one week after surgery to answer questions and giving support thru the healing process. If you are feeling well and cannot make your follow up appt. you can call us and our staff can answer questions over the phone if that is more convenient for your schedule.

Do I have stitches?

In most cases, patients will have a dissolvable suture at the surgical site(s). Sutures typically take a week to dissolve. In some cases, they dissolve and begin to fall out sooner. If you have a suture that is annoying has it is falling out you can brush on it and it will come out sooner. If you would rather, you can call the office to be seen by Dr. Harris.

What are the little pieces of white sand in my mouth?

Bone Graft material. When you have a bone graft placed Dr. Harris always overbuilds the graft because he knows you will lose some of the graft. So, you may find pieces of what feels like grit or sand in your mouth for the first week or two of healing.

Can I exercise?

Yes. There are no restrictions on physical activity. You can not hurt the surgical site by exercising. Just be aware that if you get your blood pressure up the surgical site may begin to throb and ache. At which time you want to slow down and take it easy.

Should I use a syringe to flush out the holes (sockets)?

NO. DO NOT stick anything into the sockets. Using a syringe or a toothpick to try to remove food particles from the socket can result in giving yourself a dry socket. Just gently rinse with warm water or salt water for the first week. Dr. Harris will instruct you further at your post-op appointment.

Can I video record myself or loved one in post-op?

No. All forms of recording are a violation of the Federal HIPPA Privacy Act and Strictly Prohibited in the office.

How long is the numbness going to last?

All patients are different. In general the local atheistic lasts about two hours. In that time it is very important to eat a full meal and take your first dose of Advil or another pain killer before the numbness wears off so that you won’t be in pain. If you wait to take the pain killer after the numbness has worn off you will be “chasing the pain “trying to find relief.

What do I do if I have a problem at night?

After hours our office phone is rolled directly to Dr. Harris’s cell phone. Should you have a problem you can call the office phone number to reach him. Dr. Harris takes pride in always being there for his patients.
Would you like more information about what to do after your surgery?
Please review our Post-Operative instructions.

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