Our 3D Imaging Difference

Step into a new era of oral and maxillofacial care with Dr. Harris and the cutting-edge CS 9600 3D imaging system. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our investment in technology that offers crystal-clear digital images, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and ensuring treatments of unmatched confidence.

Discover the Clear Advantage of 3D Imaging in Oral Care

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Anthem Oral Surgery uses the CS 9600 system for accurate diagnostics and safer, low-radiation 3D imaging.

Transforming Treatment Outcomes with the CS 9600 System

With the CS 9600 system, our practice can conduct a comprehensive range of diagnoses and treatments right in our office, streamlining your care experience and reducing the need for multiple visits. The ability to select a specific field of view for scanning means we focus exclusively on your area of concern, minimizing unnecessary exposure to radiation. This targeted approach allows for detailed visualization of anatomical structures, aiding Dr. Harris in developing treatment plans tailored to your unique needs.

What Sets the CS 9600 Apart

The precision of 3D imaging is particularly beneficial for complex cases, including implant placement, bone grafting, and analysis of impacted teeth, providing a level of detail traditional scans cannot match. Additionally, the CS 9600 system’s digital capabilities enable efficient collaboration between Dr. Harris and referring doctors, ensuring a seamless continuum of care.

Patients benefit not just from the enhanced diagnostic capabilities, but also from the opportunity to view these detailed 3D images. This visual tool helps Dr. Harris explain your condition and treatment options more effectively, empowering you with knowledge and peace of mind.

Experience the Difference with Anthem

At Anthem Oral Surgery & Implant Center, we are proud to offer the advantages of 3D imaging to our patients. This technology is part of our commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care that meets the needs of today’s patients. Whether for diagnosis, treatment planning, or patient education, the CS 9600 system is an invaluable asset in our mission to deliver the best oral healthcare possible.

Ready to experience the difference advanced 3D imaging can make in your oral health care? Contact us to learn more about the CS 9600 system and how Dr. Harris can use this technology to enhance your treatment outcome.

Discover the Clear Advantage of 3D Imaging in Oral Care

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